Control of hydrogen sulfide and VOCs is a concern in many wastewater treatment, composting and industrial plants.

Hydrogen sulfide, and many VOC’s, create odours, are corrosive, cause air pollution and are detrimental to health.

MónaFil® is a patented biofiltration system that uses special media as a capture and support medium offering excellent removal efficiencies for odours, VOC’s, sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds.

The properties of the manufactured granular high-density peat media have proven to be a key factor in achieving high performance removal and media life up to 10 years.
MónaFil® has been successfully used in odor control applications for more than 20 years.


MónaFil® Biofiltration Benefits Over other biofilters:

  • MónaFil® systems have high performance and low running costs.

  • The media is resistant to breakdown, which provides long medialife up to 10 years.

  • Proven high performance with systems in operation for more than 20 years.

  • The deeper depth of the media, up to 10 feet, allows for a greatly reduced footprint versus wood chips or soil type media

  • No chemical or nutrient addition

  • Achieves >99% removal of H2S and greater than 95% OU/m3 dependent on the application

  • MónaFil® is an excellent option toreplace other organic media which suffer from short media life.

  • The media is regarded as the best available technology in Italy following a seven-year trial and was used to replace the organic media used in other trial units.

  • The media can be graded at the time of replacement and up to 50% recycled and reused.

MónaFil® Applications

Since 1994, more than 600 odor-treatment installations have benefited from our proprietary, worldwide-patented, clean air technologies for:

  • Odour and VOC emissions from process gases and Wastewater treatment plants

  • Odour and VOC control for large air flow composting and agricultural applications

  • Odour and VOC control in industrial plants

  • As a replacement media to extend media life


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